Enhancing Your Personal Security with iAlert PLUS

A Complete Feature Overview

In a world where safety and security are paramount, the iAlert PLUS app stands out as a comprehensive solution designed to keep you protected. This article provides a detailed overview of the app's features, highlighting its core functionalities, and explaining how it empowers you to take charge of your safety.

Alert Section: Your Panic Button

The "Alert" section of iAlert PLUS is your direct link to help in emergency situations. Here's what you can expect:

  • Panic Button:

In the event of an emergency, the panic button is your lifeline. One press initiates a countdown before sending an alert to the Security Operations Center (SOC). You can even send an audio message along with the alert.

  • Real-time Location:

The app tracks your current location on a map, allowing you to share this information with the SOC for a faster response.

Who I Am: Customizing Your Profile

The "Who I Am" section is all about personalization and emergency preparedness:

Contact Information:

Provide essential details such as your real name, phone number, email, and specify your default action, like having the SOC call you.

Email Alerts:

Set up your default and alternative contacts for emergency signals. Ensure that you provide accurate names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Alert Settings:

Tailor your communication preferences by selecting your language, enabling or disabling the "Countdown Audible," and opting for "Countdown skip."

Health Information:

Declare allergies, important health notes, and your blood type for enhanced emergency response.

User Timeline and SOC Communication:

Choose whether to enable
Record device location: 
Choose whether or not you want the app to record your location.
Send location history & information to SOC: 
Decide whether you want to send location and health data to SOC, enhancing their ability to assist you in case of an emergency.

Insurance Information:

Provide your insurance company and policy number for added security.

7-Day Timeline:

Review your location history for the past week, ensuring that you have an accurate record of your recent movements.

Events: Keeping You in the Loop

The app's "Events" section is where all your interactions are recorded. It includes events like the use of the panic button, sending audio messages, and more.


Your Safety, Your Way

iAlert PLUS isn't just an app; it's a security companion that puts your safety in your hands. From the panic button to customizable profiles, health information, and data control, this app offers a 360-degree approach to security.

By providing you with real-time location data, recording your history, and ensuring that you're always in the loop with notifications, iAlert PLUS gives you peace of mind in any situation. Stay safe, stay secure, and stay in control with iAlert PLUS.

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