Safety on the Go: Using iAlert PLUS During Outdoor Activities

For outdoor enthusiasts, adventure is life. Whether you're hiking through dense forests, biking on winding trails, or casting lines into serene waters, there's something exhilarating about being in nature. However, nature can sometimes be unpredictable, and safety should be your top priority. 

That's where iAlert PLUS comes into play, ensuring your outdoor adventures are not only thrilling but also secure.

Safety Beyond Civilization

Many outdoor activities take you far from civilization and emergency assistance. You may find yourself in areas with poor mobile network coverage, and in such circumstances, iAlert PLUS can be a real lifesaver.

  • Panic Button Accessibility

The panic button in the app is your direct line to help. If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, such as a sudden injury or encountering wildlife, you can quickly press the panic button. It starts a countdown and allows you to cancel if it's activated accidentally.

  • Real-Time Location Sharing

One of the most valuable features of iAlert PLUS during outdoor activities is real-time location sharing. If you're hiking with a group or going solo, your loved ones can always know where you are, even in remote areas.

  • Health Information

When you're out in the wild, accidents can happen. It's crucial to declare allergies, important health notes, and your blood group within the app. This information can be invaluable to first responders in the event of an emergency.

  • Events

The app records all events, including the use of the panic button or sending audio messages. This log is not only for your reference but can be vital information for rescuers or authorities in case of emergencies.

Getting the Most Out of iAlert PLUS

To make the most of iAlert PLUS during your outdoor excursions, consider these tips:

Download Offline Maps

In areas with poor cellular reception, it's a good idea to download offline maps on your phone. This ensures you have access to navigational information even when you're off the grid.

Battery Backup

Keep a portable charger or power bank handy. Continuous use of location services and communication can drain your battery faster. Make sure your devices are adequately charged before venturing out.

Emergency Contacts

Set up an emergency contact list within the app, and ensure your fellow adventurers have access to the panic button. This way, you can all be connected in case of an emergency.

Stay Informed

Before your outdoor journey, check the local weather and trail conditions. iAlert PLUS can help you receive important updates through the Security Operations Center regarding any weather alerts or critical information.

Remember, while outdoor activities are thrilling and rewarding, safety should always come first.  With iAlert PLUS, you can have the peace of mind that help is just a button press away, even in the heart of the wilderness.

So, go ahead, explore the great outdoors, and let iAlert PLUS be your trusted companion in every adventure.


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