iAlert PLUS

Protects and guides humans, people who enjoy every bit of their life.







Panic function

by pressing this button, user sends a distress signal to a Security Operations Center and an email to his/her relatives. The signal carries the geo location, relatives phone numbers, a predefined message with instructions and a 15'' voice message.


Notifications function

the user receives emergency information and instructions through the Security Operations Center, concerning issues of weather phenomena and urgent situations.


7days timeline function

this function keeps tracks of the phone's latest 7 days coordinates. Upon the Panic function, all the above data sent to the Security Operations Center and through them to the emergency services.


Who am I function

the function aims to retrieve user's identity, a brief health record, an event history and the phone's latest 7 days coordinates.

Panic function
Distress signal
Personal assistance

Easy to set up 

Easy to use


Panic function
Σήμα κινδύνου
Προσωπική βοήθεια

Easy to set up 

Easy to use



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Distress devices or Smart phone?

The distress devices usually are forgotten at home. On the other hand, users have their phones and thus 
the iAlert PLUS, always together.

Alternative care

Gov services (911, 112), exist and provide good care for people. Such thing these days, it is a really helpful act. Along with the iAlert PLUS app, you have an alternative solution and a personal service in case of emergency. Just in case! Besides that, you will be provided with additional data that may be useful for the emergency services and authorities .


Tracker/sos devices fail to offer a moral frame for the user’s privacy policy. Especially when young people use these devices, the situation gets more complicated because they feel that they are being watched by their parents. The only conclusion to be drawn is that they will leave the device at home. On the contrary, smart phones offer a real frame for the privacy policy. Thus, users are accepting the "privacy" situation more easily and they carry their phones with them, always.

Functions update

The smart phones evolve constantly and so does the iAlert PLUS, which is an application. The users will continuously receive updates for better sensors operation and new functions.

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