Recording Events: Exploring the "Events" section of iAlert PLUS

Within the iAlert PLUS application, a crucial section tracks and records all events you engage in. This activity log provides a comprehensive record of your interactions with the app, including the use of the panic button and the sending of audio messages.

This 'Events' section offers an essential insight into the history of actions and communications within the application, which can be a valuable resource for a variety of reasons. 

Let's explore what this section offers:

Panic Button Usage

All instances of using the panic button are diligently logged. This includes timestamps, locations, and any audio messages sent alongside the panic signal. The log allows you to review when and where you've called for assistance.

Audio Message Dispatch

Any time you send an audio message, it's recorded in this section, including information about the recipient, timestamps, and the audio content itself. This log offers you the ability to revisit what you've communicated.

Accessibility and Accountability

The 'Events' section serves multiple purposes. First, it offers a level of accountability, giving you the confidence that your emergency calls and messages are recorded and saved. Second, it provides an accessible record of your interactions with the application.

Incident Documentation

This comprehensive event recording can be highly beneficial in the event of an incident. You can use the logged data for personal documentation, reporting to authorities or emergency services, or for sharing with trusted contacts.

By recording all app-related events, iAlert PLUS ensures transparency and accountability. This activity log acts as a secure record of your use of the app's features, making it easier for you to monitor and review your emergency activities when necessary.

In the fast-paced world of emergency response, having a reliable record of your actions is an invaluable asset. Continue to rely on iAlert PLUS to keep you safe, connected, and in control. 

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